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Doepfer A-145

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Low Frequency Oscillator LFO


Module A-145 is a low frequency oscillator, which produces cyclical control voltages in a very wide range of frequencies. Five waveforms are available: sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, triangle, sine and square wave.

The LFO can be used as a modulation source for any number of modules - for instance modulating the pulse width or frequency of a VCO, modulation of the cut-off frequency of a VCF, or amplitude modulation with a VCA.
A three-way switch lets you select three frequency ranges, spanning from one cycle every several minutes at the lowest, to audio frequency at the highest.
The LFO signal can also be synchronised, via the reset input.


Breite/Width: 8TE/8HP, Strombedarf/Current: 30 mA



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