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Doepfer A-182-1

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Switched Multiple Switched Multiple


Switched Multiple. Module A-182 is a simple passive multi-connector similar to the multiples module A-180. In contrast to module A-180 each socket is equipped with a 3-position switch that allows to connect the corresponding socket to the internal bus #1 (left position), bus #2 (right position) or to turn the socket off (center position).


* all switches in left position or all switches in right position: 8-fold multiple

*four switches in left position and four switches in right position: two 4-fold multiple

* X switches in left position, Y switches in right position and Z switches in center position: two separate multiples with some sockets turned off Remark: The term "bus" in the module description has nothing to do with the A-100 bus.


Breite/Width: 6 TE / 6 HP / 30.0 mm Tiefe/Depth: 20 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel) Strombedarf/Current: 0 mA (passives Modul / passive module)


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