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ACL - Envelope X3

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Triple Envelope


ACL’s Envelope X3 comes equipped with three ADSR envelopes. The module is based on circuits well-known from the Japanese 100m synthesizer. Compared to the original designs, the X3 envelopes were improved in various ways. The circuits are more stable, more flexible and, with the right settings, a lot faster.

The Envelope X3 is made of precision components normally used for manufacturing measuring instruments. Each envelope features attack, decay, sustain and release potentiometers. Switches determine the control range (short / long) of the time value parameters. The module’s gate inputs are normalized, meaning with just one cable connection, the user can trigger all envelopes. – Of course, it is possible to use the modulators separately as well. Control voltages are emitted via a normal and an inverted output per envelope.

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