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Doepfer A-134-1

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VC Panning


A-134 is a voltage controlled panning module. The module contains 2 linear VCAs (A-130 type with CEM3381). VCA2 works in the opposite direction of VCA1 i.e. the more VCA1's loudness increases the more VCA2's loudness decreases. The panning is adjusted with a control knob (manual control) and by 2 external control voltages, one equipped with an attenuator. Suitable CV sources are e.g. LFOs (A-145, A-146, A-147), envelope signals (A-140, A-141, A-142, A-119), random (A-118), Theremin (A-178) or a voltage coming from an MIDI-to-CV-Interface (A-190, A-191). The panning is displayed with 2 LEDs.
A-134 has an audio input with attenuator for each VCA. If the audio input of VCA2 is not used the audio input of VCA1 is connected with audio in of VCA 2. The module has three audio outputs: VCA1, VCA2 and a mix output providing the combined signal of both VCA's.
A-134 enables voltage controlled stereophonic panning effects (one audio signal distributed to 2 outputs), monophonic panning effects (2 audio inputs mixed to one audio output with voltage controlled loudness proportion) and combinations of both effects.

Remark: The A-134 is able to process only audio signals. It cannot be used to process slowly varying control voltages (AC coupled in/outputs). These VCAs are able to process even slowly varying control voltages: A-130/A-131 (only the new versions with CA3080, not the old versions with CEM3381/CEM3382), A-132.

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