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TipTop Audio Z8000

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€ 399,00

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Matrix Sequencer


the z8000 matrix sequencer is a powerful modulation source in a compact package. the 16 knobs of the z8000 are accessed by ten sequencers with their own clock, direction and reset inputs. the ten sequencers are as follows:

four 4 step cv sequencers on the horizontal.

four 4 step cv sequencers on the vertical.

one 16 step cv sequencer on the horizontal.

one 16 step cv sequencer on the vertical.

with the z8000, you can simultaneously modulate many parameters in your synthesizer polyrhythmicly, with unprecedented motion. one knob affects all 10 cv outputs! imagine modifying 10 parameters from one knob, and all clock inputs can be driven at audio rates. your synthesizer is modular, so your sequencer should be too. the z8000's open design allows you to create a custom sequencing environment to fit your personal needs. add clock dividers, clock sequencers, switches, trigger sequencers and logic gates to create a completely unique system.


  • 28HP
  • D 59mm
  • Power +/-12V or +/-15V
  • Current Usage: 70mA

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