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TipTop Audio MIXZ

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Low-Noise Dual Mixer with Tiptop Bus Mix


mixz is a low cost analog multi-channel mixing module for mixing audio, cv and gate signals with an excellent linear response and low noise. balancing a clear visual layout and multiple mixers in a small footprint makes the mixz easy to use in a variety of configurations within the modular synth. its high quality analog mixing circuitry makes for a great sounding mixer with plenty of headroom, providing a smooth organic merge of dynamics, and excellent separation of mixing sections and channels. mixz has three sections:

mixer a - a low noise 4 channel mixer with independent gain control per channel

mixer b - a low noise 4 channel mixer with master gain control

bus mix - a multi channel mixer that mixes signals from modules utilizing the tiptop bus mix

mixer a and b can be configured as either two independent 4 channel mixers or as a single 8 channel mixer. if the output of mixer a is not in use, then mixer a will be routed internally to mixer b forming the 8 channel mixer.

tiptop bus mix is a new method we have developed to mix audio signals through the eurorack power bus board without patch cables, a little bit of magic ahh? although this technique doesn't stand for a low noise mix, we found it to be useful for some applications including the mixing of our drum modules, which all have a bus-mix enabled output. the result is that all your drum modules are always available and mixed on the master out of the mixz with a flip of a switch, saving you the time and cables to repatch sounds again and again, while keeping the channels of mixz's mixer a or b free to bring other signals into the mix.

combining the bus mix with mixer a and b, the mixz can sum dozens of channels in only 10 hp.


  • 10HP
  • D 35,56mm
  • +12V@14mA
  • -12V@14mA

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