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Liivatera Through-Zero VCO

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Through-Zero VCO


This VCO uses a triangle-core design, but the true character comes from the modulation capabilities.

Through-Zero Frequency-Modulation.

Wideband FM produces rich, inharmonic tones. Three switchable sensitivity settings offer everything from simple vibrato to complex tones.

Reversing Sync.

The direction of integration in the VCO core can be reversed on the rising, falling and rising & falling edges of a signal. The trigger threshold is set by the sum of a front-panel control and external CV, so the sync. can be modulated to modify the tone of the VCO.

Pulse-Width Modulation.

The pulse output can be modulated from 0 to 100% with a dedicated PWM input.

VCO and LFO in a single module.

The frequency of the VCO can be reduced by a factor of 100 with a switch on the front panel.

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