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Erica Synths Pico VCA

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€ 79,00

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Dual VCA


Erica Pico Dual VCA is simple, reliable LM13700 based linear voltage controlled amplifier, which can be configured as two independent VCAs or stereo VCA with same CV control.


  • 2 independent VCAs in one module
  • VCA1 input copied on VCA2
  • Configurable CV addressing
  • Diode protection against input/output overvoltage

With Pico Series we challenged ourselves – can we make ANY superior functionality synth module 3HP wide and affordable? Yes, we can.

Technical specification:

  • Attenuation level -80dB
  • Power consumption +14mA, -14mA
  • Module width 3HP
  • Module depth 35mm

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