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Doepfer DIY Synthesizer Kit

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€ 120,00

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low cost DIY kit


The kit is planned for customers who are familiar with electronic basics as the kit does not include the controls, switches, sockets, power supply and the case. These elements have to be added and wired by the customer. The board is equipped with dual row pin headers. This enables the usage of dual row female connectors instead of soldering the controls directly to the pins. The customer can choose the desired size, shape, type and color of these elements (e.g. rotary potentiometers or faders, small 3.5 mm jack sockets or ¼" sockets or banana type, small or large knobs and switches and so on). Even the type of wiring is free: the range goes from a pre-wired standard synth (VCO-VCF-VCA type) up to a fully patchable modular system. Two or more of the kits can be combined to obtain more VCOs, ADSRs, LFOs, VCAs or VCFs, e.g. to built a more complex pre-wired or modular synth. A stabilized symmetrical 12V power supply (i.e. -12V, GND, +12V) with at least 150 mA current is required.

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