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Doepfer A-177-2

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External Foot Controller II


Economically priced module for connecting one foot controller and one double foot switch for control A-100 functions by means of the feet. For example the frequency of a filter or the loudness can be controlled by a foot controller, but even other parameters like LFO frequency, modulation depth, phasing, pitch or any other voltage controlled parameter. The gate outputs controlled by the double foot switch can be used e.g. to trigger an envelope generator or to start/stop a sequencer. Even a single foot switch can be used if only one gate signal is required.


A special application of the A-177-2 is the usage within a Trautonium replica. The foot switches can be used to switch the mixtures of the subharmonic oscillator A-113. The foot controller can be used to control the overall loudness in combination with a VCA.

A-177 is compatible with the footcontrollers FP5 and double foot switch VFP2. The Foot controller and double foot switch are not included with the module but have to be ordered in addition.


Breite/Width: 4TE/4HP, Strombedarf/Current: 20 mA


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